Pop-Up Global Symposia about Life & Ecology for You [PUGSLEY]

Date & Time PUGSLEY V: Speaker and Title Archive
September 26, 11AM NYC Amy Zanne, University of Miami: Termites rule the world and other stories Link
October 26, 11AM NYC Josh Fisher, Chapman University & Hydrostat: A climate rap, Is pop music a biogeochemical model, and A science fairy tale Link
November 14, 11AM NYC

Núria Aquilué, CTFC, Spain & UQAM, Quebec: Functional complex networks to create resilient forest landscapes to global change

Mariah Patton, U New Mexico: What do we all need to know about mentoring?



Date & Time PUGSLEY IV: Speaker and Title Link/Archive
September 14, 11AM NYC Pankaj Trivedi, Colorado State University: Effects of experimental climate warming 
and drought on the boreal forest microbiome
October 14, 12PM NYC Jade d'Alpoim Guedes, Scripps Institute, UC San Diego: What archaeology can teach us
about deep time human impacts on biodiversity
Confessions from a former high carbon emitter: Why we need to stop flying for academic conferences
November 18, 11AM NYC

Avni Malhotra, University of Zurich:

Getting to the root of it: climate change in peatlands



Date & Time

PUGSLEY III: Speaker and Title


January 26, 12pm NYC Kelly Sierra Ramirez, University of Texas at El Paso: From microbes to humans, measuring diversity just isn't enough Video Archive
February 23, 12pm NYC

Jasper Singsby, South African Environmental Observatory Network (SAEON): Fire and Global Change in Fynbos

Link to Slides

Video Archive
April 6, 12pm NYC Lars Lønsmann Iversen, University of Copenhagen: Putting freshwater ecology on the map: The biogeography of CO2 concentrating mechanisms in freshwater plants Video Archive
May 4, 12pm NYC Stephanie Jurburg, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (Idiv): Fool me once... the impact of compounded soil disturbance on soil microbiota Link

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PUGSLEY II: Speaker and Title


September 8, 2020: 12pm NYC Jody Daniel-Simon, University of Waterloo - Precipitation timing influences wetland biological communities

Madelon Case, University of Oregon - Belowground niche separation of savanna trees and grasses across soil textures

Video Archive
September 15, 2020: 12pm NYC Liz Agee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Beyond rooting depth: how lateral root interactions influence water uptake patterns

Fons van der Plas, University of Leipzig - Biodiversity and ecosystem function in real world and model systems

Video Archive
September 22, 2020: 12pm NYC Gerard Sapes, University of Minnesota - From "Why do trees die?" to "Where do trees die?": Connecting Fundamental Biology with Remote Sensing, Video Archive
September 29, 2020: 12pm NYC Science Communication

Peter Reich - Minute Earth Videos and Underlying Science

Charlotte de Keyzer - Protecting Pollinators

Andrew Reeves - A journalistic perspective?

October 6, 2020: 12pm NYC Silvia Caldararu, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry - Plant nitrogen use under elevated CO2: integrating models with manipulative experiments & long-term datasets Video Archive
October 13, 2020: 12pm NYC Caitlin Hicks Pries, Dartmouth College - Beyond Bulk: Climate, parent material, and vegetation drive global patterns of soil carbon partitioning and persistence Video Archive
October 20, 2020: 12pm NYC Ben Lee, University of Michigan - Spring phenological escape can help temperate tree seedlings compensate for negative effects of climate change Video Archive
October 27, 2020: 12pm NYC Monique Weemstra, University of Michigan - Stuck between a rock and a hard place: intraspecific root trait variation along an elevation gradient Video Archive
November 10, 2020: 12pm NYC Jingjing Liang, Purdue University - Harnessing big data in addressing fundamental ecological questions Video Archive
November 17, 2020: 12pm NYC Adrienne Keller, University of Minnesota - What have we learned about ecosystem processes after 10 years of fertilization with the Nutrient Network? Video Archive

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PUGSLEY I: Speaker and Title


April 9 : 1pm NYC Colin Averill, ETH Zurich - Forests and their Fungi Alternative Stable States of the Forest Mycobiome Video Archive
April 15: 1pm NYC Jon Henn, UW-Madison - Winter climate change and prescribed fire affect long- and short-term temperate grassland plant dynamics

Laura Ladwig, UW-Madison - Plant cold tolerance: Variation and trait associations in temperate grasslands

Video Archive
April 23: 1pm NYC Adam Pellegrini, Cambridge University - Decadal changes in fire frequencies shift tree communities and functional traits across ecosystems

Bruce Hungate, Northern Arizona University - Schubert Piano Sonatas (& the Beatles?)

Video Archive
April 29: 1pm NYC Jennifer Powers, UMN - Hydraulic traits predict tree mortality in a tropical dry forest

Rob Jackson, Stanford (and mystery guests) - Poetry Crawl

Video Archive
May 7, 2020: 1pm NYC Colleen Iversen, ORNL -The hidden world beneath our feet: From squishy bogs to frozen tundra (and everywhere in-between)

Check out Colleen's EOS paper on Building a Culture of Safety and Trust in Team Science

Michala Philips, USGS - Keystone dryland communities follow novel trajectories following chronic climate and physical disturbance

Video Archive
May 13, 2020: 1pm NYC Peter Pellitier, U Michigan - Ectomycorrhizal access to organic N enhances plant growth response to rising [CO2]

You - Elevator Speech Workshop

Video Archive
May 21, 2020: 1pm NYC Anna Trugman, UC Santa Barbara - Trait velocities: A story of community hydraulic trait composition, forest demographic rates, and climate

Victor Leshyk, N. Arizona University - ACCURATE PASSION: Fine Art in the Service of Science

Video Archive

May 27, 2020: 1pm NYC Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, UC Merced - Digging deeper: persistence and climate sensitivity of deep soil organic matter

Sasha Reed, USGS - Hurricanes and heat: Results from a Puerto Rico tropical forest warming experiment

Video Archive
June 18, 2020: 1pm NYC Kristen DeAngelis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Drivers and mechanisms of long-term soil adaptation to warming

Alastair Potts, Nelson Mandela University - Tracking subtropical thickets through space and time: the oldest plant communities in Africa?

Poetry (TBD)

Video Archive
June 25, 2020: 11:30am NYC Cristina Portales Reyes, University of Minnesota - Fire promotes the recovery of biodiversity following nutrient enrichment

Winslow Hansen, Columbia University - Global hotspots of forest tolerance and sensitivity to climate variability

Video Archive
July 2, 2020: 1pm NYC Beatriz Aguirre, Cal State Los Angeles - Experimental manipulation of atmospheric drought: Teasing out the role of microclimate in biodiversity experiments

Alejandro Salazar, Instituto Alexander von Humboldt - Awakening a dormant "giant": warming induced activation of dormant microbes and consequences for soil carbon emissions

Video Archive