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Forest Ecology Lab

The forest ecology group at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is made up of individuals from the Reich, Montgomery and D'Amato labs and the Center for Forest Ecology (Frelich) and is based in the Department of Forest Resources. The Hobbie, Cavender-Bares and Powers labs in the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and the Kipfmueller lab in the Dept. of Geography are also participants in the group. Additionally, we collaborate with Tali Lee in the Biology Department at U of WI - Eau Claire, Cindy Hale at U of MN - Duluth, and Meredith Cornett at The Nature Conservancy and others.

Our 'group' is open to anyone with an interest in forest ecology!

Back: Tim Whitfeld, Lee Frelich, Sascha Lodge, Rachel Putnam, Peter Reich, Cindy Buschena, Troy Ocheltree, Kerrie Sendall, Andrew Pretorius, Sasha Wright, Laura Williams, Clare Kazanski, Emily Peters. First row: Tarciso Leao, Jianxiong Liao, Artur Stefanski, Rachael Nicoll

Recent publications

Fisichelli, N., L. Frelich, P.B. Reich. 2014. Temperate tree expansion into adjacent boreal forest patches facilitated by warmer temperature. (.pdf) Ecography 37:152-161.

Reich, P.B. 2014. The worldwide ‘fast-slow’ plant economics spectrum: a traits manifesto. (.pdf)  Journal of Ecology 102:275-301