The forest ecology group at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is made up of individuals from the Reich and Montgomery labs and the Center for Forest Ecology (Frelich) and is based in the Department of Forest Resources. The Hobbie, Cavender-Bares and Powers labs in the Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, and the Kipfmueller lab in the Dept. of Geography are also participants in the group. Additionally, we collaborate with Tali Lee in the Biology Department at U of WI - Eau Claire, Cindy Hale at U of MN - Duluth, and Meredith Cornett at The Nature Conservancy and others.

Our 'group' is open to anyone with an interest in forest ecology!

In the forest ecology lab we address questions of a fundamental nature while simultaneously focusing on issues of importance to society and the environment, often within a global environmental change framework.

Forest Ecology 2016 Fall Semester Meeting Schedule

Mondays 10:30-11:30am in 19 Green Hall

Sept. 14 Rebecca Montgomery, introductory meeting
Sept. 21 Eli Anosko, TBD
Sept. 26 mini-symposium: Global forests, biodiversity, climate change and carbon cycling: the tip of the iceberg (.pdf) 415 Alderman Hall 4-5:45pm
Sept. 28 TBD
Oct. 5 TBD
Oct. 12 TBD
Oct. 19 Ethan Butler, TBD
Oct. 26 TBD
Nov. 2 Lee Frelich, TBD
Nov. 9 Tarciso Leao, TBD
Nov. 16 Habacuc Flores, TBD
Nov. 23 no meeting
Nov. 30 Mike Schuster & Peter Wragg, TBD
Dec. 7 Laura Dee, TBD
Dec. 14 Clare Kazanski, TBD