Pop-Up Global Symposia about Life & Ecology for You 2020 [PUGSLEY 2020]

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April 9 : 1pm NYC Colin Averill, ETH Zurich - Forests and their Fungi Alternative Stable States of the Forest Mycobiome Video Archive
April 15: 1pm NYC Jon Henn, UW-Madison - Winter climate change and prescribed fire affect long- and short-term temperate grassland plant dynamics

Laura Ladwig, UW-Madison - Plant cold tolerance: Variation and trait associations in temperate grasslands

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April 23: 1pm NYC Adam Pellegrini, Cambridge University - Decadal changes in fire frequencies shift tree communities and functional traits across ecosystems

Bruce Hungate, Northern Arizona University - Schubert Piano Sonatas (& the Beatles?)

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April 29: 1pm NYC Jennifer Powers, UMN - Hydraulic traits predict tree mortality in a tropical dry forest

Rob Jackson, Stanford (and mystery guests) - Poetry Crawl

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May 7, 2020: 1pm NYC Colleen Iversen, ORNL -The hidden world beneath our feet: From squishy bogs to frozen tundra (and everywhere in-between)

Check out Colleen's EOS paper on Building a Culture of Safety and Trust in Team Science

Michala Philips, USGS - Keystone dryland communities follow novel trajectories following chronic climate and physical disturbance

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May 13, 2020: 1pm NYC Peter Pellitier, U Michigan - Ectomycorrhizal access to organic N enhances plant growth response to rising [CO2]

You - Elevator Speech Workshop

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May 21, 2020: 1pm NYC Anna Trugman, UC Santa Barbara - Trait velocities: A story of community hydraulic trait composition, forest demographic rates, and climate

Victor Leshyk, N. Arizona University - ACCURATE PASSION: Fine Art in the Service of Science

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May 27, 2020: 1pm NYC Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, UC Merced - Digging deeper: persistence and climate sensitivity of deep soil organic matter

Sasha Reed, USGS - Hurricanes and heat: Results from a Puerto Rico tropical forest warming experiment

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June 18, 2020: 1pm NYC Kristen DeAngelis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Drivers and mechanisms of long-term soil adaptation to warming

Alastair Potts, Nelson Mandela University - Tracking subtropical thickets through space and time: the oldest plant communities in Africa?

Poetry (TBD)

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June 25, 2020: 11:30am NYC Cristina Portales Reyes, University of Minnesota - Fire promotes the recovery of biodiversity following nutrient enrichment

Winslow Hansen, Columbia University - Global hotspots of forest tolerance and sensitivity to climate variability

July 2, 2020: 1pm NYC Beatriz Aguirre, Cal State Los Angeles - Experimental manipulation of atmospheric drought: Teasing out the role of microclimate in biodiversity experiments

Alejandro Salazar, Instituto Alexander von Humboldt - Awakening a dormant "giant": warming induced activation of dormant microbes and consequences for soil carbon emissions